Choosing Winston – Salem Home Care

homecare21.JPGThis article will focus on Winston-Salem home care and making good decisions about care providers.  According to an American Association of Retired People (AARP) study, nearly 90 percent of people over age 65 desire to stay in their homes for as long as possible. In order to make that desire a reality, though, your loved one may eventually need some in-home assistance.  To choose the right non-medical home care service for Mom, understand her needs, investigate the variety of non-medical home care options, and evaluate the cost.

Winston-Salem Home Care Choices

Non-medical home care providers offer an array of services.  Caregivers provide companionship and, if necessary, assist with daily living activities such as hygiene, grooming, eating, shopping, preparing meals, managing finances, housekeeping, using the telephone, etc.  In Winston-Salem, Right at Home can provide invaluable companionship and other home care services, as well as a research institute dedicated to the discovery of new ways to care for older adults.  If Mom has Dementia or Parkinsons, Right at Home can provide caregivers who are trained to skillfully deal with the accompanying challenges.

Keep in mind that Mom may benefit from a blend of both non-medical home care and skilled home health care, with skilled home health care professionals providing in-home medical care prescribed by a doctor and non-medical home care providers providing companionship and assistance with daily living.  This team approach can be a cost-effective solution to meet all of Mom’s needs.

What Mom Needs

Gaining a clear understanding of Mom’s needs may be difficult because she may deny that she needs any help.  You may need to observe her in action in her home, accompany her to her medical appointments, and consult her doctors and therapists.  Be alert to signs of loneliness or a need for companionship.  Once Mom understands that additional help will keep her living independently at home for a longer time, she may gradually become more receptive to the idea of home care.  Seek help in understanding Mom’s needs – especially if a surgery or an accident triggered the need for home care.  Consult with Mom’s doctors, nurses, therapists, and social workers to devise a home care action plan tailored to her health issues.

A Moment’s Notice Home Care and ResCare Home Care Services provide the full range of both non-medical home care and medical home health care services, ranging from companionship to skilled nursing care such as wound care and pain management.

The Costs of Winston-Salem Home Care

Although the majority of non-medical home care is still paid for by private funds, other payment options are emerging.  Depending upon the reason for the care, non-medical home care can be covered by worker’s compensation or automobile insurance.  Long-term care insurance plans may also cover non-medical home care.  Other often-underutilized funding tools are VA benefits.

By understanding Mom’s needs, exploring the available home care options, and evaluating the cost, you can help Mom remain in her home for as long as possible.  Winston-Salem home care providers like Right at Home can help make Mom’s wish come true.