Alston Brook

4748 Old Salisbury Rd

Lexington, NC, 27295

(336) 956-1132

Alston Brook is a one hundred bed facility divided into three main units: Granny’s Place, Greene’s Commons, and Lillian’s Way.

Granny’s Place

Granny’s Place is a sixty-four bed unit dedicated to residents in need of long term skilled nursing care.  It is designed to enhance the quality of life and quality of care for residents with long term debilitating conditions.

Greene’s Commons

Greene’s Commons is our specialized short term rehabilitation unit located close to our physical and occupational therapy treatment areas.  It accommodates residents with short term needs.

Lillian’s Way

Lillian’s Way is a combination unit which was once an Alzheimer’s Unit supplying the needs of residents with dementia and memory loss.  Now this beautiful unit meets the needs of the local community by serving both short term rehabilitation patients and long term skilled nursing care residents.

Alston Brook is about people.

The facility is designed around our residents needs and with those needs at the focal point of all interior and exterior planning. Our goal is to provide intensive rehabilitation and health care services in a home like environment with three units designed specifically for the services provided on each unit. Come see for yourself what is so special about this nursing facility.  Call today for a guided tour with our Admission Director.
When looking for a nursing facility to place a mother long term, or looking for a facility where a father could receive rehabilitation for a knee replacement, pay close attention to the little details.  Things like: Are there any odors?    Does the staff go the extra mile  to help the residents?  Are the staff friendly and loving?  Does the staff truly care about their residents?   As you can see, most of these questions are really about the caregivers of a facility.

This is the key to Alston Brook’s success … our staff!  They are what make Alston Brook so special.  They keep our facility clean and beautiful.  They actually love the residents and you can plainly see this each time you visit.  Alston Brook, truly a special place.