Autumn Care Of Mocksville

1007 Howard St

Mocksville, NC, 27028

(336) 751-3535


Autumn Care of Mocksville has been around since April of 1979 and has been dedicated to quality care ever since. Started by Gerald Cox and J.R. Garrett, the vision they had of the ideal Nursing Home care for the elderly was innovative and beyond its time.

Autumn Care of Mocksville is just one of 25 facilities in this incredible company that continues to grow and change as time dictates. Autumn Care of Mocksville strives daily to be the leader in quality,  hands-on nursing care for short term rehab and long term care residents in North Carolina.

Our services are wide-ranging and include rehabilitation after surgery as well as illness or injury care. Our Licensed Therapists and Therapy Assistants staff at our centers offer friendly, cheerful but challenging rehab sessions. Our therapy programs are offered in 15-minute increments and can be provided up to 3 hours per day, given the need and physician’s orders. All of Autumn Care of Mocksville’s Rehab Gyms contain state-of-the-art equipment to help build strength and endurance, promote healing, and relieve pain. Visit or call your local center for details on therapy programs and equipment.

For more information about Autumn Care of Mocksville, take a look at our website and schedule a personal guided tour of our facility.