Carolina Mobility Homecare

1001 S Marshall St

Winston Salem, NC, 27101

(336) 245-4736

At Carolina Mobility Healthcare, we promote and specialize in offering professional, caring Ambulatory and Medical Equipment services – including walkers, wheelchairs – and so much more! We have so much to offer you to make your life easier.

Carolina Mobility Homecare takes the extra steps for you. Regardless of whether you are recovering in your own home or are in need of ongoing respiratory therapy, the Medical Equipment Services of Carolina Mobility Homecare will deliver exactly what you need directly to your home.

At Carolina Mobility Homecare we cover a large delivery area for your convenience and keep an incredibly large inventory of medical equipment in stock to guarantee that we have what you need without delay. Please call us for more information about these and all of our Medical Infusion Technology services.


  • Patient has a mobility limitation that impairs his/her mobility during activities of daily living  (MRADL)
  • Patient’s mobility limitation cannot be resolved by use of a cane or walker


  • Patient has a mobility limitation that significantly impairs his/her ability to participate in any MRADL in the home.

Hospital Beds

  • Patient requires their head to be elevated 30º or more
  • Patient has a pulmonary condition
  • Patient positioning is not feasible in ordinary bed
  • Patient requires traction equipment


  • Patient is physically incapable of utilizing regular toilet facilities
  • Enterals
  • Patients has a permanent non-function or disease of the structures that normally permit food to reach the small bowel OR
  • Patient has a disease of the small bowel, which impairs digestion and absorption of an oral die

After you or a loved one has been discharged from the hospital or has received special instructions from your physician for continued outpatient care, ask your doctor or healthcare provide to refer you to Carolina Mobile Homecare.