Davie Co Senior Services Farmington Site

1723 Farmington Rd

Mocksville, NC, 27028

(336) 998-3730


Davie Co Senior Services Farmington Site provides seniors in the community with accessible services and opportunities for fellowship, entertainment, and education through our wide array of programs and activities that enrich lives. Members of Davie Co Senior Services Farmington Site are ages 55 and older. All participants are asked to become members in the event that there is an emergency. As members all important information is available in case of a program cancellation or if an emergency occurs.  Davie Co Senior Services Farmington Site membership is free and all new members receive a membership card that can easily be placed on their keychain.  Upon entering, members will scan their card so all of the programs in which they participate at the Senior Center are registered in the system. By scanning in your program entry, the information allows us to keep track of how many are in the classes as well as which classes and events are the most popular.  This information guides our programming and allows us to properly place the funds and grants in the best available spots. It is also important to us to know whether or not a class or event should be repeated.  We would love for you to join us in our activities. Come in and join us today!