DAYBreak Respite Care

646 West Fifth Street

Winston-Salem, NC, 27101

(336) 397-1345

Our Mission

• To provide older adults who have some degree of physical or memory impairment the opportunity to engage in a therapeutic program of meaningful social, spiritual and recreational activities.
• To provide these individuals a setting which supports new friendships, encourages the development and maintenance of skills and abilities, and offers ways to contribute to the group and to the broader community.
• To provide caregivers and families the opportunity for scheduled periods of “time off” from the full-time care of an older adult.
• To “give a good day” to the participants, the caregivers and the volunteers who make up the DAYBreak family.

Our Purposes at DAYBreak

Staffing and Group size is intentionally small, with 9-10 participants. A full-time program director, volunteers, part-time staff and student interns provide an environment in which there is a helper to every two or three participants.

Admissions Criteria

Participant assessment and pre-enrollment interview are required prior to attendance. Participants must be medically stable and not require routine hands-on personal care during the service period.