Hospice of Stokes County

PO Box 10

Danbury, NC, 27016

(336) 593-5309


At Hospice of Stokes County, we are with you every step of the way. We know that aging can be a difficult part of life for both our patients as well as their family members.

You don’t need to go through it alone because Hospice of Stokes County is here giving patients a greater sense of peace — regardless of the their age, prognosis or treatment options. We are by your side, in your home — wherever you call home, offering support and compassion so that you can live fully and comfortably.

It is so important to know that the sooner Hospice of Stokes County gets involved, the better. The easier it will be for you once you know your loved one is in good hands.

Walking the path together at Hospice Care of Stokes County.

We have been providing kind and compassionate care to our community for years ensuring that each patient is comfortable, secure and feels as though their dignity is in tact.  Anyone, including family and friends can make a referral. And, since there’s no cost to the patient, you or your loved ones can always benefit from any of our services. We also provide help long before hospice is required, which usually translates to less discomfort or pain.