Northwest Community Care Network

2000 W 1st St Ste 704

Winston Salem, NC, 27104

(336) 716-5654


Northwest Community Care Network (NCCN) is a network of some of the greatest primary care providers in the country dedicated to delivering top-notch medical care for the Medicaid population in northwest North Carolina.

Northwest Community Care Network Areas of Focus:

  • Local senior care managers work closely and diligently with provider practices, enrollees, as well as a number of local community organizations.
  • For each patient, a system-wide education effort has been put in place to select the best places to receive care based on each patient’s current health status and medical requirements.
  • Application of approved disease management procedures in an effort to enhance patient outcomes and reduce unnecessary and/or frequent hospital admissions including emergency room encounters.

Northwest Community Care Network has a focus on refining communication through information systems and on identifying medical providers, health care system barriers, and community resources, providers are working to improve patients’ health and their independent self-care capabilities across the health care field. Northwest Community Care Network has care managers placing special emphasis on patient and provider continued education in order to not only meet the goals of improving the access and quality of care, but also to offer the best and most cost effective care.