Pine Ridge Health & Rehabilitation Center

706 Pineywood Rd

Thomasville, NC, 27360

(336) 475-9116

Couple Playing Dominoes At Day Care Centre

Pine Ridge Health & Rehabilitation Center has outstanding staff that our residents can count on. Our staff, our residents and our volunteers do more than simply see each other every day. They are your friends and your neighbors.

Pine Ridge Health & Rehabilitation Center is part of Thomasville and Davidson County and we truly believe that everything we do influences each other. In other words, what touches one of us touches all of us.  Not only do our staff members strive to make Pine Ridge Health & Rehabilitation Center a secure, serene and comfortable environment with caring and friendly staff, but a pleasant place to live. We work hard to bring the qualities we have here at the center into the surrounding community.

Pine Ridge Health & Rehabilitation Center has staff determined to make this community the best it can be and a better place to live. You will always find us volunteering at the local schools as well as participating on local boards. We believe in lending our time and energy to make the community around Pine Ridge Health & Rehabilitation Center better because ultimately, it will make our center better too.

Even more importantly, the effort we put forth does not stop at our staff. Our lovely residents join us in many of our volunteer and outreach programs. Whether it is inviting the neighboring community for one of our events, or cheering in the crowd for one of  the local teams or raising money for a worthy cause,  you will find our facility in the thick of it.

Welcome to Pine Ridge Health & Rehabilitation Center where you are not just a resident, but part of a community.