Senior Financial Care

8064 N Point Blvd Ste 204

Winston Salem, NC, 27106

(336) 896-1328


Financial Pathways’ Senior Financial Care® (SFC) program helps seniors 60 and older to significantly improve and manage their finances. Doing so helps them live a more independent lifestyle for a longer period of time. Because so many aging individuals face the pressure of surviving on a small budget or fixed income at a time when they have increased health care expenses, it can be daunting to keep finances in order. However, our certified counselors are

To arrange an appointment at one of our sites or in-home, call 336-896-1328; toll free 888-474-8015; or email to

Senior Financial Care Mission:
Our goal is to provide professional consumer education and comprehensive financial and housing
guidance to every member of the community and help seniors thrive in their financial endeavors.

What we do at Senior Financial Care:
Unfortunately, many residents of the community struggle with debt, lost jobs, or low wages. It is common and nothing to be embarrassed about. Some residents lack the financial understanding they need to solve common money problems, and many feel shame and blame themselves.  For a free or very low fee, our expert, certified financial educators and counselors offer confidential, caring assistance.

Every day we offer debt resolution to individuals and families. At Senior Financial Care, we help community members learn to budget and use credit wisely, as well as avoid foreclosure and other financial crises. We help set and meet financial goals for seniors and educate about how to save wisely. We serve clients through classes in financial literacy as well as a variety of other specialized topics. At Senior Financial Care, one-on-one counseling and coaching is available and outreach for a diverse communities via the use of a mobile financial capability unit.

At Senior Financial Care we serve with purpose:
We are privileged to serve the community and we believe that every resident deserves a chance for healthy financial well-being. Today, in almost every indicator of financial health, Winston-Salem households and surrounding area homes fall below national and state average. Despite their hard work and their best efforts, every day families find themselves in crippling bad credit, foreclosure and limited by asset poverty. We are here to help you and your loved ones find peaceful retirement.