Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center

Medical Center Boulevard

Winston Salem, NC, 27157

(336) 716-2011


At Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center we go beyond medicine to provide all of patients and their families award-winning, quality care that is individualized and customized for them. Not only are our staff members highly skilled, full trained and the best of the best, but each of them provides a sympathetic ear, a person to confide in, to share fears and anxieties and even act as an occasional venting target for patients and their family members.

We are so much more than medical professionals here at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. We go above and beyond the advanced technology and medicines to add a personal touch to all of our care.

At Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, we are dedicated to providing our patients with a simple, secure way to access their medical information (such as lab results and future appointments) and e-mail their healthcare providers for more information (including prescription refills) about their care. Patients can easily log on to our website and have all of their medical information right at their fingertips. Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center is excited to serve you. Come in for a tour or give us a call for more information about any medical care you may need.