Walnut Cove Healthcare Center

PO Box 158

Walnut Cove, NC, 27052

(336) 591-4353

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Walnut Cove Healthcare Center offers a wide variety of senior healthcare services while specializing in post-acute care. We provide a number of services that range from comprehensive short-term rehabilitation and transitional care to Alzheimer’s and memory and dementia care.

Walnut Cove Healthcare Center was once just a small location in Cheswick, PA with a focus on providing care to the patients there. However, as we have grown, we have stayed true to our mission and have not waivered in our commitment to strengthen families with aging loved ones.

At Walnut Cove Healthcare Center we have created rigorous systems of care while deploying the newest technology that makes it easier to understand and server our patient needs. Even as we’ve grown to become the sixth-largest provider in the country we know it’s the little things we do while fulfilling our mission statement of “Providing Service with Our Hearts and Hands” that really mean the most to our clients and make all the difference to their families.

Whether we our visiting with their patients while they eat, or simply pulling up the sheets to just the right height, our employees care for patients as if they were their own family. At Walnut Cove Healthcare Center, our employees care not because it’s their job, but because it’s their calling.